Remember ‘Boston’ Rob Mariano from Survivor? And Survivor: All Stars? And his two stints on The Amazing Race? Well, he’s back on reality TV (surprise, surprise!), on a new competition show called Tontine. But this time, the sly kid from Beantown isn’t a contestant – he’s the host. While he was in town to conduct auditions at NYC’s South Street Seaport, the reality TV vet and his entourage stopped by the OK! office in their Tontine armored truck to give a little preview of what this mother of all reality shows will encompass. ‘It’s going to be the biggest thing to hit the reality world. Everything you love about your favorite reality shows ? Survivor, Amazing Race, it combines all of that,’ Rob tells OK!. ‘It’s 100 days of competition over seven different continents, and one person’s going to walk away with $10 million dollars.’ Rob’s wife, Amber, has given her blessing for Rob to be traveling the globe again. ‘She won a million dollars, she put me to work now,’ he laughs. But with $10 million dollars on the line, didn’t Rob want to hop back into the action? ‘When they asked me to host, I did say, ëI want to compete in it,” he says. ‘But since I’ve been in other reality competitions, these contestants aren’t going to be able to get any fast ones on me.’ By: Delaina Dixon

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