British 80s pop star Boy George has been jailed for 15 months for a nasty little incident in which he tied up a male prostitute and beating him with a chain.

A judge in England said he had no choice but to jail the Karma Chameleon singer for "falsely imprisoning" Norwegian escort Audun Carlsen in April 2007.

Sentencing the star this morning, Judge David Radford called the act "shocking and degrading" and "so serious that only an immediate sentence of imprisonment can be justified," according to E! Online.

"In my view there can be no doubt that your premeditated, callous and humiliating handcuffing and detention of Mr. Carlsen shocked, degraded and traumatized him," added the judge at Snaresbrook court.

"He was deprived of his liberty and his human dignity without warning or proper explanation to him of its purpose, length or purported justification." Boy George, whose real name is George O’Dowd, had pleaded not guilty, but was convicted last month.

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