One might think there are few things more exciting than being nominated for an Oscar.  In the case of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, however, parenthood takes precedence over any celebrating that might be going on in their busy home full of six kids.


"Man, we’re too busy dealing with Kleenexes and diapers and getting everyone fed to really celebrate. We’ll do that next year," Brad told Reuters at the Japan premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in Tokyo today.




Brad’s alread been nominated for many awards, including a SAG and a Golden Globe (neither of which he brought home) for his role in Benjamin, and partner Angie has nabbed multiple noms for her perfomance in The Changeling.


Having two nominees in the family has been fun for the family, even if they don’t have time to enjoy it right now, says Brad.


"It is nice, we go and support each other – very cool and rare I think," he revealed.

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