Long work days, the drama of caring for six kids and nonstop travel would be enough to strain the most stable of relationships – and it’s no different for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.


"Without a doubt, there are problems," a source tells OK!. 

Ever since February, when the duo moved to New York so Angie could begin filming the spy thriller Salt, "something has been off," says the insider. And though the couple’s rep recently dismissed breakup rumors, OK!’s source confirms that these days, the two "are often not on the same page."


Angelina’s work schedule is in part to blame: The actress has been spending six to 12 hours a day on the Salt set. "Angie’s constantly tired, and whenever anyone suggests taking time off, she brushes them away," says the source.




So just where does this leave the troubled twosome? For now, the entire Jolie-Pitt crew is still based on Long Island’s North Shore, where they celebrated Angie’s 34th birthday on June 4 with a custom-made Carvel ice cream cake. Soon, however, the family’s expected to relocate to L.A. where the two megastars hope a change of scenery will render their problems a thing of the past.


"They love each other," adds the pal. "They are trying to work this out for the sake of the kids."


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