Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston weren’t the only ones who were disappointed when their marriage ended in divorce: it was also the end of a dream for screenwriter of the Time Traveler’s Wife.

Bruce Joel Rubin says that when he first started coming up with the script for the much-delayed movie, he had the newlyweds Brad and Jen in mind to play the roles that were eventually taken on by Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams.

The scribe, who also wrote Ghost, says that he thinks Eric and Rachel are “wonderful embodiments of who I envisioned would be on the screen.”

But he admitted that the doomed couple — who at that time jointly owned the production company behind the movie — would have been ideal to play the titular time traveler Henry and his lover, Clare.

“I thought they would be perfect for this film,” Rubin told OK!. “I just saw them as a perfect version of Henry and Clare.”

“I just found them equally attractive and equally compelling and in terms of the Hollywood arena at that time, they were as good a couple as you could find.”

“I was writing it in my mind for them,” he admitted.
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