Brad Pitt could be doing any number of things with his life right now, but for the star of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, there’s only one thing on his mind: his family with Angelina Jolie.


"I have this fantasy of my older days, painting or sculpting or making things," he tells Rolling Stone in a new interview. "I have this fantasy of a bike trip to Chile. I have this fantasy of flying into Morocco. But right now, more and more, it’s about getting the work done and getting home to family. I have an adventure every morning, getting up."


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Work hasn’t always been colored by commercial or critical success for Brad, with a string of duds like Meet Joe Black and The Devil’s Own in the late ’90s—a fact he’ll openly admit.


"I got lost in the wilderness of fame a bit," he says. "There are all of these opportunities you’re supposed to be taking. And I got really discombobulated."


"I normally need my kids to do this," he mutters, as he attempts to connect my iPod into his stereo. "They’re so beyond me in technology, it’s hard to keep up. Our seven-year-old was searching the word ‘weapons’ on Google the other day and ended up on some white-supremacist site. I’m sure now we’re on all kinds of watch lists."

But the busy dad is excited about his latest film, which sees him aging backwards from an old man to a baby.


"I find Benjamin is about those universal things we all share — that 95 percent that makes us all the same, wherever we are in the world," he reveals. "Our loves, our hopes, but also the loss that we all walk around with and hide very well, and the ultimate notion that we’re all expendable. To me, it’s a counterstatement to this divisive period we’ve been in, where we focused on the two, three, four, five percent of ways in which we’re different."

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