The usually calm, cool and collected Brad Pitt definitely didn’t look too happy to see a crowd of paparazzi at the Bruin Theatre in L.A. last night waiting for him outside the theater he was in.


As he left a screening of his upcoming movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, he appeared angry, and it seemed he was being held back by a bodyguard to keep from going at the group of camera-flashing photogs.


And now the Executive Protection Specialist hired to protect the father of six has issued a statement to Entertainment Tonight regarding his role in last night’s brief scuffle.


"We were told by Mr. Pitts’ people that he was being followed by numerous paparazzi that ran a minimum of 20 red lights to keep up with Mr. Pitt. When Mr. Pitt arrived at the theater approximately 7 paparazzi bum rushed the front door of the theater and began to rush inside," the statement says. "It’s security’s sole priority to protect the talent and I removed Mr. Pitt immediately from what could have been a potentially dangerous situation."


Whew, close call!


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