Cult hero and one of the stars of Braveheart, Patrick McGoohan, has died at age 80.

He was perhaps best known for his role as King Edward Longshanks in Mel Gibson’s 1995 movie.


But McGoohan, who was born in New York and raised in Britain and Ireland, was adored by millions as ‘Number 6’, in the cult British TV show The Prisoner.

McGoohan, who scooped two Emmys for his work in detective show Columbo, also acted opposite Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock and Morgan Freeman in the 1996 movie, A Time To Kill.

His most memorable performances were in the bizarre 60s cult show The Prisoner, in which his character was a captured spy who was constantly fighting for his freedom from a jail that was disguised as a vacation resort.

In 2000 The Simpsons paid tribute to his talents by inviting him to voice Number 6 in an episode in 2006, and in the 1970s the public became so fascinated with him that he felt forced to moved to L.A. to avoid being constantly hassled by fans!

He died there yesterday after a short illness, his son-in-law has announced.

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