Brendan Fraser may be turning 40 this December, but he is still a kid at heart — especially when it comes to special effects.

The actor stars in the latest big-screen adaption of the sci-fi novel Journey to the Center of the Earth, but what makes his version different from past efforts is that it’s in digital 3-D, which thrills Brendan to no end.

"Being a wannabe geek and techno-nerd myself, I was blown away," he tells "You’re right in the thick of it. And to get the effect you have to go to the theater, not stay at home and watch on an iPod or a TV screen."

The appeal and excitement of the film, which opens Friday, comes from the 3-D imaging, making Journey a true "roller coaster ride," Brendan says.

"When you see it, you’ll be gushing right along with me," he says. "People call movies roller coaster rides. This one actually is because it jumps off the screen right in your face. It’s so freaking cool."

Journey uses Real D Cinema technology and will be the first movie to be wide-released exclusively using it. Brendan hopes the film will pave the way for more digital 3-D formatted films — once they get "survive the naysayers."

"When sound was added to motion pictures back in the ’20s with The Jazz Singer, they were like, ‘It’s a talkie. Who’s going to go to that?’ Then they brought in color and it was, ‘We like black and white. Why does it have to be in color?’ ‘Television? Who’s going to watch TV?’" he says. "Well, now we watch so much TV that people stopped going to the theaters. I’m telling you — 3-D is going to bring people back. It’s the wave of the future."

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