(Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation)
Starring: Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway
I’ve learned the hard way that women get a little (or a lot) nutty when it comes to weddings. But in Bride Wars, Hudson and Hathaway go way beyond mere Bridezillas: We’re talking orange alert, shock-and-awe terrorizing of epic proportions. Liv and Emma have been friends since childhood, with a shared dream of a June wedding at the Plaza in NYC. All seems to be going according to plan as they get engaged within days of one another, hire the top planner (the ever droll Candice Bergen) and obtain wedding dates at the tony hotel…until a scheduling snafu double-books them for the same day. Neither will budge, and suddenly friendship goes out the window as each tries to sabotage the other (watch for spray-tan tampering, hair-salon savaging and evil food temptations). Directed by Gary Winick (13 Going on 30) and co-written by Saturday Night Live’s Casey Wilson, the film takes a long hard look not just at the insanity of 21st- century matrimonial frenzy, but at the sometimes complicated truths of female friendships.

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