Britney Spears hired hair stylist to the stars Ken Paves to come to Las Vegas to fix up her ‘do for Sunday’s VMAs. But sources close to the hairdresser, who happens to also be BFFs with Jessica Simpson, tells OK! the two clashed as soon as they met each other.

"Brit just hated him from the minute he walked in," the sources explains to OK!. "Instead of just doing what he was being paid to do, Ken kept trying to give her advice. He thinks he’s a manager, not just a hairdresser."

The source went on to say that this is nothing new for Ken. "He does the same thing all the time with Jessica. He told her she should be an actress, not a singer anymore. It’s impossible for Ken to not put his nose in where it’s not wanted."

But another issue that came up that day was Britney’s resistance to any new help around her. So, instead of heeding any of Ken’s advice, she decided not to use it at all. "Britney doesn’t like having new people around her, especially hair and makeup people who think they can give her advice on her career."

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