In a heavy British accent, an irate Britney Spears made two phone calls from UCLA’s psych ward just before 8:45 p.m. PT on Friday night. The fragile singer had reportedly just learned about a judge’s ruling earlier in the day which made her father, Jamie Spears, temporary conservator of her medical and financial affairs.


According to TMZ, Britney was screaming at the top of her lungs (about her parents), "I’m so sick of all this! They can have the goddamn house and stick it up their f**king asses! Actually, no they can’t."


Britney reportedly sounded drugged up on the phone and was furious that her dad had been made conservator of her estate. At times, she was impossible to understand — at one point screaming, "Nobody’s taking my house. Who is my family?"


Britney went on to say that she did not want her parents near her home and that she would go to court to fight them. According to TMZ, the pop star seemed under the impression that she was getting out of the hospital tonight.


Sources say Britney learned of Friday’s ruling from her lawyers at Trope and Trope. OK! was at court today when the commissioner declared Trope and Trope the only people — excepting medical personnel — Britney does not need her father’s permission to continue communicating with.


Of the ruling, a source close to Kevin Federline tells OK!, "We’re thrilled… Jamie is the best choice. It’s not that Lynne isn’t qualified, but Lynne has a hard time saying ‘no’ to Britney, and that could become a conflict of interest, just like when Lynne wanted to be Britney’s court appointed monitor on Oct. 30. It wasn’t good then, and it’s not good now."


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