When celebs go on the road, they often check into some of the swankiest hotels in the world. However some might need a refresher course in guest etiquette, as Concierge.com details with their "World’s Worst Hotel Guests" list. Some of the highlights:


Michael Jackson: Two words – baby dangler. Jacko later admitted that it was a "mistake" to dangle the son, commonly known as "Blanket," off a balcony at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin in 2002. He’s also forced hotels to allow him to book every room, ordered an 18-foot privacy wall built, demanded bowls of gummy candies, a large mirror, and a xylophone. Britain’s Daily Star quoted a hotel insider as saying, "The weird thing is that they weren’t for his kids."


Amy Winehouse: The queen of cracked-out probably scared housekeeping at London’s Riverbank Plaza Hotel: she once left a room with booze spilled on the furniture, dirty underwear on the floor, bottles and cigarette butts everywhere and a hair dye-blackened bathtub.


Britney Spears: This former pop-wreck has spent a lot of times in and out of L.A. hotels, despite owning a house in the area, bringing a flood of unwanted paparazzi along with her. She’s had extensive stays at the Viceroy, Beverly Hills, Mondrian, and Bel-Air hotels, and may have even been banned for good from one of them. According to an old bodyguard, she’s not the cleanest guest, either: he claims he had to rescue her from a trashed room shortly after one of her stints in rehab.


Mariah Carey: Mimi’s outrageous room requirements are proof that you don’t necessarily have to leave a mess to raise the ire of a hotel staff. Among some of her past alleged demands: gold faucets, new toilet seats, mineral water for her bath (and her dog’s) and two DVD players showing her own music videos. Not to mention the red carpet she ordered London’s Baglioni Hotel to roll out before she would leave her limo to enter the hotel.



Check out other hard to handle guests, including Axl Rose, Salvador Dalí, Brandon Davis, Naomi Campbell, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman and more at Concierge.com.

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