In a year that saw her shaving her head, making multiple trips to rehab, nearly tanking her career in an ill-advised VMA performance, engaging in a nasty custody battle with her ex-hubby and violating traffic laws all over Southern California, Britney Spears was, not surprisingly, the most searched person on the Internet for 2007.

According to the folks at Yahoo, the 26-year-old mother of two heads up their most-searched list because she’s unpredictable. "People do not know what to expect from her anymore and the searches would spike every time she was back in the news," said Vera Chan, senior editor at Yahoo. "From when she shaved her head and rumors emerged from the rehab mill that she was calling herself the anti-Christ and shaved 666 on her scalp, there was constant tracking of this almost modern-day Greek tragedy happening in front of us."

This is the sixth time in seven years that the pop star has topped the list. Coming in right behind Britney for the second year in a row was the wrestling organization WWE. Which gives you an idea of where the public’s priorities lie.

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