Sure, Britney Spears may be planning to walk down the aisle late this summer, but the pop star also has her sights set on another goal this year: Appearing on Modern Family! Considering she's already appeared on Glee and How I Met Your Mother, it's actually not that far fetched for her to make a cameo on the hit ABC comedy.

It all started innocently enough when Britney Tweeted, "I know everybody is excited about the Super Bowl, but I personally can't wait to see the next episode of Modern Family! Funniest show on TV."
Thanks to the magic of social media, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Modern Family's Sofia Vergara simply Retweeted Britney's tweet! The singer's manager added fuel to the fire by instigating an appearance on the hit show: "@BritneySpears on Modern Family? What do you guys think?"
Before you knew it, a hashtag was created #GetBritneyOnModernFamily, and then Britney simply tweeted, "I would love to be on it!" Hmmm, looks like maybe we'll be able to catch an episode of the hilarious show with the pop star? 

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