Britney sure is battling a lot these days. And, has an exclusive with the former pop princess regarding her hit and run.

Michael J. Flanagan, her lawyer, tells, “I spoke with Britney and
this is the least of her worries. This is a little aggravation, a
pimple on her a** she is trying to get rid of.”

But the hit and run’s victim, Kim Robard-Rifkin, tells the site: “This is so silly. I think that is probably what she [Britney Spears]
feels. Everything is a little pimple on her tush. Driving drunk is an
aggravation. Taking drugs is an aggravation.”

“I think he lives in the same world she does. I do not know where he
got that idea. I do not live in that world. An apology, a fair price to
have the car fixed. Yes, and an ‘I’m sorry’ and a little respect,” she added.

On Tuesday Britney was ordered to be booked for the crime, which means that we may see a Britney mugshot before her next court date on Oct. 25.

Her lawyer said, “This was not the crime of the century… they want something more out
of this than what is appropriate. Tell me what she thinks she deserves.
Britney would paint her whole G*damn car if they want. We just want to
put this case behind us.”

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