Britney Spears‘ crew seems to be having a little too much fun setting up for her tour – two of her crew members were arrested last night after a fight on a Pittsburgh street, according to the area’s WPXI news.


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An officer said he saw crew member Rockey Dickey punch another man, at which point the policeman tried to intervene. Rockey didn’t like that, apparently, and aimed a punch at the officer. Not a good idea.


Then another policeman came to his aid, which prompted crewmember Alex Montes to jump in and put him in a headlock. Montes then fled, but both men were arrested eventually.

Dickey and Montes are charged with criminal conspiracy, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. Dickey is also charged with simple assault and resisting arrest.


Brit is set to play at Mellon Arena on Friday night, but something tells us she’ll be short two on her crew. Unfortunately for the pop star, this isn’t the first time her crew has gotten in trouble – her dad fired two dancers after they were caught doing drugs on tour.








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