OK! has learned that the Malibu home Britney Spears has been trying to unload for months might finally be near a sale to a high-profile Hollywood director and his wife. But this brief ray of sunshine for the beleaguered pop star comes with one huge cloud — the potential buyers want to knock everything down and start from scratch!

So why take the wrecking ball to the place? According to the source, the modifications Brit and ex-hubby Kevin Federline made to the house, including a recording studio and relocating the swimming pool, have made the home undesirable. Ironically, many insiders speculate that it is precisely the costs for these customizations that the divorced duo, who will split the proceeds of the sale, is trying to recoup.

For Britney, the 9,200 square-foot abode has been more of a headache than a home. For months following her split from K-Fed in October 2006, Brit tried futilely to unload the Serra Retreat house for its original asking price of $13.5 million, only to slash that number to just under $12 million in April. Some who follow the real estate market in the area speculate that the final sale price of the house could end up as low as $9.5 million.

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