Buckle up, Britney Spears fans – a jury has been selected in her misdemanor trial for driving without a license.


Made up of mostly females, including a wide variety of people in different industries like education, banking and insurance, the panel was finally filled out this morning, after a few bumps in the process. A few prospective jurors were disqualified when they admitted to having strong feelings about Brit’s paparazzi-filled antics, according to the Associated Press.


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The "Womanizer" singer, whose single is on the top of the Billboard charts, wasn’t there,  however openeing statments were expected to begin shortly. Britney’s father, Jamie, is among those set to testify, along with police officers and others.

The case will address a charge leveled against the pop star from last year when she hit a parked car and fled the scene in L.A., and was discovered to have an out-of-state license.

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