In a story already overflowing with different lawyers and judges, the Britney Spears situation added yet another name to the list today with legal eagle Adam Streisand, who is attempting to represent the 26-year-old mother of two in her fight to have her father removed as conservator of her financial and medical matters.

Streisand spoke to OK! today during a break in the proceedings to explain how and why he finds himself involved in Hollywood’s highest profile case.

"I was hired by Britney over the phone this weekend," Streisand explained to OK!. "We had two conversations." Adam, who is related to that other famous Streisand, says he was referred to the pop star by Trope & Trope, the firm representing her in her custody battle with Kevin Federline.

"She wants her voice to be heard at the table," Streisand continues. "Whether she has the ability to do that at this point is an issue." As for her reasons for asking to have her father removed as conservator, Streisand says, "She’s expressed her desire. She wants a neutral, independent party taking care of her medical and financial concerns. What she doesn’t want is her father."

Regarding the court investigator’s claim that Britney is unable to understand the proceedings and that she lacks the ability to retain information, Streisand disagrees. "Based on the conversations I had with her, she sounded coherent," he claims. "Or I wouldn’t be here."

There is a catch-22 involved in Britney’s hiring of Streisand. With her father named as conservator, he and co-conservator Andrew Wallet are supposed to have a say over whom, outside of her existing legal team, she has contact with. At Monday’s hearing, it was determined by the court that Streisand’s hiring was unofficial and, therefore, he may not currently represent her in legal matters.

A hearing on Britney’s mental state has been set for Feb. 14.

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