Celebs have made some strange requests of hotels, but a stripper pole doesn’t seem that odd to us. However, a "top Dublin hotel" refused to install one for Britney Spears recently, costing them the pleasure of her patronage, Irish paper The Herald says.


The paper says she canceled her booking after the hotel denied her the steel pole in her suite for the brief stay. A source reveals that Brit likes to have the pole on hand to stay in fighting form for her shows.


"A request was made to Britney’s original hotel in Dublin to see if they could install a pole there during her four-day stay there, but they refused point blank," says the source. "They’re well used to having major celebrities stay there and they’re happy to accommodate them, but this was just a step too far."


Instead, the Britster will be heading for the Four Seasons Hotel, which ostensibly has acquiesced to her demands for the stripper’s steel best friend.



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