Britney Spears‘ conservators were back in court again on Thursday afternoon, where they discussed, among other things, the subject of payment.

Commissioner Goetz agreed to advance Andrew Wallet, Sam Ingham and attorneys for the conservators exactly half the money they are expected to bill for.
Ingham, Brit’s court-appointed attorney will be getting $10,000 a week through July 31.

Co-conservator Wallet gets $100,000 and the Luce Forward law firm will get $175,000 — and that’s just for work done through March 31.

Clark Byam, another attorney, will get $22,500. Stacy Phillips, the lawyer repping Brit in the family law case, will get $75,000 — also for work through March 31.

Meanwhile, Comm. Goetz once again struck down a March 17 filing by Jon Eardley to present ‘on record’ the declaration of retired UCLA Law professor William McGovern. Eardley still claims he is working for Britney and that the current conservatorship is violating her civil rights.

After throwing the motion out, the judge said, "Judge Gutierez in the federal court, as well as this court several times, have made findings that show Eardley is not an attorney of record for Ms. Spears. There has been no finding that he represents her."

Everyone will be back in court on May 29 for the next conservatorship hearing.

Regarding Brit’s custody case, the singer is required to complete a 730 psych evaluation by May 6. She has repeatedly refused to turn in any form of evaluation in the past, so it will be interesting to see if she complies this time.

Also on May 6, Britney is expected to ask for overnight visits with her sons. However, if she once again refuses to complete a psych evaluation, Commissioner Gordon may not consider that request.

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