. ‘Every girl has that inner mean girl in them that comes out when someone takes their parking spot,’ she told OK! at the Hairspray premiere in NYC on July 16. ‘I watched Michelle Pfeiffer on set and wanted Amber to be a very bratty, mini version of the evil Velma.’ Brittany also looks up to Michelle, 49, in real life. ‘She told me one day that I should eat meat, and I hadn’t eaten meat since I was eight years old. I ordered a steak about an hour later.’ Brittany couldn’t say enough nice things about her onscreen mom. ‘It surprised me that she was so down-to-earth and willing to talk about her views, shopping and kids. She was so generous, loving and professional. Also, how insanely gorgeous she is without makeup, just hanging out.’By Valerie Nome Photo: Wireimage.com

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