In the season finale of The Hills Brody Jenner got cold feet when Jayde Nicole told him she wanted them to move in together and it seems his feet are still cold. Brody told OK! on Tuesday at the Live MTV After Show of The Hills that he and Jayde are not living together and they don’t quite constitute a successful relationship, or do they?

“No we’re not actually. She has her own place and I have my own place,” Jody said about him and Jayde living together. “So, no, that won’t be happening. Not yet, maybe in the future, you never know what happens in the future, but as of now, no.”

So, what’s the key to a successful relationship?

“Don’t ask me that. Definitely don’t as me that,” Brody laughed. “But if I were to say what the key is, not pertaining to myself, I would say that it would be somebody that you could spend every day with. Day in and day out. Wake up in the morning and go to bed at night. Be around that person and always have a smile on your face and never be upset. I would say that would be the key, both parties, that would be the key for a successful relationship. But that’s very hard for that to happen.”

So does he not have a successful relationship with Jayde right now?

“No, no I do. Yes. Me and Jayde, of course. But we’ve been dating for, I would say, a year and two months and a successful relationship I don’t think of as just a year and two months and then breaking up and moving on. I think of that as someone you spend the rest of your life with. So as of now, yes, that is how I am. But…”

Brody’s relationship with Jayde still seems pretty up in the air, especially with how the fifth season ended.

Brody said, “I just let her do her thing and she lets me do my thing.”

Maybe that’s what they’re doing right now — their own things?

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