It’s getting down to the wire on Dancing With the Stars, and stand-out competitor Brooke Burke is definitely feeling the heat, especially after earning a perfect score.


"I just feel the pressure of, like, the two dances in the end and now the mirror ball trophy’s in sight," she told OK! on Friday at an exclusive Jonas Brothers concert to launch American Eagle’s 77Kids line at the Roxy in L.A.


"In the beginning it was all about having fun! You know what I mean?" she adds. "It’s so much pressure, but Derek [Hough] and I are, like, we gotta have fun, we gotta chill out, we gotta keep doing what we’re doing but maybe it’s because we’re so close. It has to be amazing now, whereas before there was room for error."


So who does Brooke see as her biggest competition?


"Well in the beginning I thought it was Warren [Sapp]," she admits. "Now I kind of think it’s Lance [Bass] and Lacey [Schwimmer] only because they’ve kind of broken the rules and they’ve been underdogs."


The reality star also thinkgs that Cody Linley, whose partner Julianne Hough just came back after having surgery, could "get the sympathy vote," especially with their devoted fan base.


"Cody’s pretty adorable! He cried last week," she says. "He’s young and sweet and crazy!"


Keep your eye on the prize, Brooke!

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