Family is top of mind for Brooke Shields.

Between takes on her forthcoming film Furry Vengeance, the mom of two could be found keeping busy.

“I either knit or I play Cordy,” the model/actress, 44, tells me. “Cordy is this app – it’s a jungle game – and I’ve been knitting my kids blankets. On this last movie I did, I did two blankets, and I became an expert at this game.”

What are Rowan, 6, and Grier, 3, into these days?

“Anything pink,” she tells me. “It doesn’t matter – as long as it’s pink, the baby is happy, and Rowan’s favorite things … my older one is absolutely into everything. She now wants to be a skater and a hip-hop girl. Her latest obsession is skating and hip-hop, so maybe she can combine the two.”

The sweetest thing hubby Chris Henchy can do for Brooke is listen. The couple wed in 2001.

“He completely listens, and even if it’s something in passing, like I’ll mention something – a holiday will come up, and it will be a gift that he gives me or he’ll take me somewhere or he’ll surprise me with something,” she says. “He really is a listener, and he listens to our girls, too. Kids give you a lot of information all the time, and he’s got patience. That’s the sweetest thing.”

Here’s a photo of Brooke and I:

Brooke Shields, Valerie Nome

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