Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson became friends at just 13, when both were already famous. In a special commemorative issue of Rolling Stone dedicated to MJ, Brooke remembers how easy and childlike that friendship really was.

“Nothing was jaded about him,” she tells the magazine, adding that it was comfortable being friends because sexuality wasn’t part of their relationship. At the time, she was “the most celebrated virgin ever” during a period in Michael’s life when other women “wanted to throw themselves at [him] and feel like they were going to teach him.”

As the two got older, Brooke says Michael became more asexual to her, although he asked her about other relationships she’d had.

“He was like a little kid who talked about the bases – what first base was, what second base was,” Brooke says. “It sounded very odd to the outside, I can imagine, but to the inside, to someone who’s never really left his bubble, you can understand how he would be curious.”

The last time the two were together was at Elizabeth Taylor‘s 1991 wedding.

“We snuck in and took pictures of ourselves next to her dress,” Brooke remembers. “We always seemed to revert to being little kids.”

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