I want a husband as devoted as American Idol Brooke White’s spouse, David Ray. He vowed not to cut his curly dark locks until his sweetie was voted off the show last week. And when Brooke and Dave stopped by the office Monday, those elongated curls were still in tact.

“It’s killing me that we’re going to cut it,” lamented Brooke, who revealed it was the length her husband had on their wedding day. The former beauty school student also revealed when the time comes for the big snip, she’ll be the one wielding the sheers. “The plan is when we get back to L.A. and things slow down to give him a haircut. It looks good, though, right?”

Brooke, a 24-year-old former nanny who’s been characterized as the mama hen of this year’s Idol contestants, is looking forward to starting a family with her husband.  She’s already gotten in some hair grooming practice on her former roommates. “I would blow dry Carly Smithson‘s hair. She has very curly hair, so I would have the round brush out a couple of times a week.”

While Brooke feels everyone on Idol “has great hair and is very attractive,” there is one person she thinks could use an extreme makeover. “I would like to put some pomade in Simon’s hair,” she shared. “It’s a little dry.”

American Idol, the elimination round, airs Wednesday, May 7 at 9 p.m., on Fox.

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