Brooke White has only been out of American Idol for a week, and she already has a hit record!

An album that the fifth place Idol recorded more than three years ago in her manager’s attic has shot to number 18 on the iTunes download chart.

Songs From The Attic, recorded on a budget of approximately nothing, is now just below the new Maroon 5 record and five places above the latest release from last year’s winner, Jordin Sparks!

The 11 song set, released in 2005, includes covers of Aerosmith’s Dream On and Coldplay’s Yellow, but is mostly the 24-year-old’s own song-writing played on guitar and piano.

Songs From The Attic was released by the New Millennium Records Group and recorded and produced by her former manger, Tim Simms at his home in L.A., after they were introduced by one of Brooke’s teachers at the Musicians Institute.

Simms re-released the record on the Net after Brooke started her Idol run, which ended last Wednesday.

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