Michael Phelps captured eight gold medals in the Beijing Olympics, breaking Mark Spitz’s record of seven in a single Summer Games. However, Bryan Clay claimed the gold medal in the grueling ten-event decathlon, earning him the title of "world’s best athlete" that goes along with winning that event.

So who should wear the crown of Best Athlete in the World? Bryan spoke with OK! at the WIN High Performance Sport Detergent luncheon, where he was being recognized.

"When you’re talking about the best athlete in the world, I think it needs to be somebody that’s well rounded, that can do everything well," Bryan explains to OK!. "I think that’s me at this point."

As for Michael’s talent, Bryan has no doubt that each gold medal he’s earned have been deserved.


"He’s obviously an amazing athlete," Bryan says. "I think he’s the best swimmer probably to ever grace the planet when it comes down to swimming. I just don’t think you can call him the world’s greatest athlete."


The rivalry doesn’t stop there: While Michael has nabbed a deal plastering his image on boxes of Frosted Flakes, Bryan is still hoping to appear on the traditional cereal box of champions, Wheaties.


Although Bryan says Michael probably wouldn’t even recognize him if they saw each other on the street, he has no hard feelings.


"I know who he is but we’d probably just do our own separate thing," he says. "And that’s not because we don’t like each other. It’s just our worlds never really crossed."


Now that’s a match-up we’d like to see!

By Laura Lane

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