He was once burnt out, but he’s back on top.

Bradley Cooper stars in Burnt, a foodie melodrama about former Michelin star chef Adam Smith who overcomes adversity and becomes top dog—er, chef—in the kitchen again with his own all-star staff.

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But Cooper doesn’t play your ordinary chef who overcooked himself. Adam Smith is a rockstar who let his career slip away and became disgraced in the culinary world from too much partying and bad behavior.

In the opportunity of a lifetime, Smith can rise from the ashes and get back on the path to his dream of earning three Michelin stars by running a new elite restaurant, if his former colleagues can withstand the heat in his tightly-run kitchen.

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While Cooper brings in some of his former miscreant pals, he does manage to hire Sienna Miller, who plays his sexy chef love interest Helene. However, his new crush brings back ghosts from his past and his former vices, but can he resist temptation on his path to redemption and regain glory?

Burnt hits theaters Thursday, October 29, but watch the trailer below for a sneak peek of the film, which also stars Daniel Brûhl, Emma Thompson and Uma Thurman.

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