Talk about embarrassing!

It’s bad enough having to make a public appearance just days after the world finds out you got busted "frolicking naked" by your teacher.

It’s got to be even worse when you’ve got to do it with your grandma!

But today Princess Eugenie, 18, did just that, appearing with the her grandmother, the Queen of England, at the grand Royal Ascot horse race.

On Saturday, Britain’s The Sun newspaper reported that the sixth in line to the throne had got drunk with Her Royal Highness’s girlfriends in a pub near their boarding school in the English countryside.

Then the group went back to the grounds of the $45,000-a-year Marlborough College, stripped and, according to the paper’s source, "frolicked like nymphs"!

The party ended when the sound of their giggling woke up a senior teacher.

Fergie’s youngest daughter, who is developing a reputation for partying to rival her cousin, Prince Harry, was given "a slap on the wrist" and told she would not be allowed to spend weekends at the school until next academic year starts in September.

The palace has declined to comment, but we imagine that the Queen was not amused!

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