Want George Clooney‘s digits?

Well you can do better and get his phone!

The actor has put his signature cell phone up for grabs at the Art for Life Auction, as part of the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation.

A brand spankin’ new Motorola ROKR E8 was donated by George for the cause and was the phone he received at this year’s Academy Awards. Labeled "Best Actor – GEORGE CLOONEY" (he eventually lost to Daniel Day-Lewis), the mobile is packaged in a blue snakeskin box with a card stating that the phone "is being presented to the acting nominees & directing nominees only and is not available to anyone else at this time."

The eternal bachelor is one of the numerous celebrities participating in the auction, which is aimed at raising funds to expose inner city youth to the arts.

If you’re not interested in George’s phone, you can bid online at Charity Buzz for a signed copy of the Sex and the City book by Sarah Jessica Parker, tickets to The Ellen DeGeneres Show or private tennis lessons from Serena Williams.

The auction ends July 24.

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