Although Camila Alves is wearing a yellow gold band on her ring finger and refers to being a wife, the woman who has two children with Matthew McConaughey is not ready to go public during Redbook’s MVP Beauty Awards held today at Bryant Park Grill in NYC.

“It doesn’t matter whether I was a model, being on TV, or being a mom or wife, I think we all want to look good,” she says during her speech after serving as a judge for the prestigious beauty event. “We all want to look good no matter what we’re doing.”

Wait, wife?

“I was talking about everyone being a wife,” the Brazilian bombshell, 28, explains to me.

Despite wearing a yellow gold band on her left ring finger, she admits she isn’t sure marriage is ultimately in the cards for the couple who are parents to Levi, 2, and Vida, 16 months.

“We’ve got no plans right now,” she says. “We’re good as we are right now. We’re happy and good as we are. So far, so good!”

Indeed, Camila is enjoying her present.

“My kids do funny things all the time. My son’s imagination is huge right now. We’ll be chasing dinosaurs, crocodiles and airplanes in the house. That’s the kind of thing we’re into now.”

Because this is a beauty event, I have to know how she copes with the fact that her beloved Matthew, 41, refuses to wear deodorant or cologne.

“He doesn’t need it!” she says with a smile. “He doesn’t need it.”

Those kids must have some genes if they don’t need deodorant!

Perhaps little Vida will learn from her mom’s childhood beauty disaster.

“My first one was when I was seven years old, all the girls in my school were cutting their hair short, with short bangs,” Camila says. “It was called the Chanel style. I went home, and I told my mom. I said ‘I want to cut my hair like all my girlfriends in school.’ She looked at me, and said ‘Camila, no way. You have really curly hair, really kinky, and a lot of hair. There’s no way. That’s going to look horrible.’”

She continues, “I was like ‘OK, mom, OK.’ And I left the house and I walked to the salon by myself at seven years old, and got my hair cut in the Chanel style. And I went back home, and I think I cried for a month straight because my hair was in a full shape, and my bangs would stick up so high for months that I thought I had a baseball cap the whole time. People made fun of me at school, and my mom was mad at me. I don’t know what hair salon would give a seven-year-old a haircut without her parents being there, but again – I was in Brazil.”


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