We know that Jenelle Evans has been been in and out of rehab. Poor girl. But when we say poor girl we don’t mean that literally, because in fact, Jenelle and her fellow Teen Mom 2 castmates are pretty much rolling in it.

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Gary Head‘s fans wondered how much he got paid to appear in a few recent episodes, and he responded on Twitter saying he ONLY got paid $1,500. But that’s basically pennies compared to what the four main girls each get – a reported $60,000 per season. Multiply that times 4 (there’s been 4 seasons of Teen Mom 2 thus far) and you get $240,000 each, not including all the stuff they get paid for their endorsement deals and appearances. Good for them.

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And while we’re on the topic of Gary, you miiight want to head over to Twitter right now and see what he and Courtland, Jenelle’s ex, are tweeting to each other (follow Gary HERE and Courtland HERE). Their words are way too harsh for us to say on here though so don’t say you haven’t been warned…

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Would you have guessed that the cast would make more or less than $60k? Do they deserve that much money? Tell us below or tweet us with how you really feel @OKmagazine!

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