Forget the skyhigh miniskirts and towering heels, Carmen Electra, born Tara Patrick, says she’s not just another pretty face.


"I do still have that side of me—that soft, sensitive side—and I think that Carmen is the more aggressive part of me," the actress tells Parade in a new interview. "There are moments when I am so that little girl from Cincinnati, Ohio, and I cry and I’m just like everybody else. You know, I have all the same feelings that everyone else has."


However Carmen’s next role is definitely on the sexy side: In Disaster Movie she does a send-up of Angelina Jolie’s character in Wanted, as well as a wrestling scene with Kim Kardashian.


"We’re sort of playing with the idea that guys get turned on by girls wrestling," she says. We get into some down and dirty positions, so it’s a good thing we became friends. Kim is so cool, not to mention being hot."


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