Now that Fashion Week is over, Carmen Electra is excited to get back to her newest obsession: playing Rock Band!

“That’s probably one of my favorite hobbies right now,” the Meet The Spartans star, 35, tells me at the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation afterparty held at Suzie Wong in NYC. “It’s so much fun. We play guitar, bass, drums, write cool songs, play rock music. It’s fun to get all of your friends together and dress up and you can have a band name and everything. It’s a cool game.”

These days, music may be a hobby, but Carmen released a self-titled album on Prince’s label in 1992. She even toured Europe with the Purple Rain crooner. She counts Red Hot Chilli Peppers/Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro among ex-husbands.

How would this Ohio-born bombshell describe her perfect evening?

“I love to have friends come over,” she tells me. “My two friends are amazing cooks and they barbeque. We Tivo reality TV, play Rock Band, hang out. It’s fun.”

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