After two high-profile failed marriages — first to tattoo-happy basketballer Dennis Rodman, and then to rock star-turned-reality host Dave Navarro — here’s hoping that the third time’s the charm for Carmen Electra, who just became engaged to Korn guitarist Rob Patterson. And in the Jun issue of Cosmopolitan, the 36-year-old beauty shares her tips for landing that right guy.

The actress and model says a lady should always be ready by keeping a “sexiness kit,” containing perfume, lip gloss and heels, in her car or in a drawer at work at all times.

And, says Carmen, getting up-close never hurt anyone. “Accidentally making physical contact, whether it’s using his shoulder to steady yourself or picking an imaginary piece of lint off his shirt, does two things – It gauges his interest in you and lets him know you’re comfortable around him.”

For more of Carmen’s clever insights, pick up the new issue of Cosmopolitan, on sale Tuesday.

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