Carrie Underwood has barely been engaged for three weeks but she’s already making plans for her big day, turning to a bunch of bridal magazines for inspiration.

“I started tearing out pictures and stuff,” she told reporters at the People’s Choice Awards yesterday. “I got a folder and put pictures in and stuff. It’s like in a binder thingy and I really don’t know yet.

What about her wedding dress? “I want it pretty traditional,” Carrie, 26, said at the ceremony held in L.A’s Nokia Center. “And it’s weird, but I think I want to add flowers on it. I don’t know yet. I see things in my head. I’m cutting out pictures.”

Meanwhile, she and ice hockey player fiancé Mike Fisher need to discuss the size of their “I do’s”.

“I think I want a small wedding,” says Carrie, who is set to make a cameo in How I Met Your Mother. “But I don’t think that’s going to happen. Mike has a huge family that he’s really close with. I have a big family, but we’re not that tight knit.

“So, I have my little group, but he has about three times as much so we want a small one, but he’s going to make it big.”

It’s clear that Mike’s a keeper — the athlete knew exactly which designer to turn to for Carrie’s engagement band. “The ring is made by Johnathon Arndt,” says the Before He Cheats singer.

“I worked with him a zillion times I love him to death and Mike knew that from all of the little boxes in my room, so he somehow managed to fool all of us and sneak around to get it!”

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