One of Carrie Underwood‘s most popular songs is the 2006 tune "Before He Cheats," which details how a woman scorned by her flirtatious fella gets her revenge by beating his car to within an inch of its life. It’s a spirited little ditty that anyone who’s ever been on the wrong side of a relationship gone sour can relate to.

Except maybe the woman who actually sings the song!

"Revenge isn’t so sweet," Carrie explained to OK! at Wednesday night’s Country Music Awards, where she was honored with the Female Vocalist trophy. "Anything that anybody says, it can come back to bite them in the rear-end."

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So what would the woman who made vengeance fashionable again suggest to folks who’ve been wronged and are looking to get even? "If you feel like you have to get revenge on somebody, most likely you should turn the other cheek and stick your head up high and walk away," says Carrie to OK!. "That’s my suggestion."

Meanwhile, young superstar Miley Cyrus offers a very different take on the subject: "Revenge is sweet!" the 15-year-old cackled.

Someone should warn her new boyfriend, Justin Gaston before he does anything stupid.

By Valerie Nome

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