Carrie Underwood might be feeling a little overwhelmed about her wedding to pro hockey player Mike Fisher, but only because she just can’t find an available date to set for the ceremony!Carrie opened up about her wedding plans — or lack of thereof— with Mike to Ottawa Ontario show Grecosize on the Team 1200 station.

“No date,” the country singer revealed. “Actually, our schedules don’t provide us that much time to get married…. We’re trying to work it out and move stuff around.”

Currently, Carrie is about to go on tour and Mike is in the middle of hockey season. Although they’re both busy they plan on making time to hammer out the details for their wedding! Especially as Mike has been a very hands-on fiancé.

“Mike’s great,” Carrie explained. “He jumps in… He’ll weigh in… I think he’s going to be more involved than he initially thought he would be.”

Carrie’s fiancé’s can-do tendency will do her well in 2010 as they try and find time to marry.

“There’s a lot to plan for,” Carrie admitted. “I think in the New Year I’ll just try to keep centered throughout it all.”

We’re sure there are some fans out there who would love to help Carrie get organized for her big day!

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