This week, I tried to get back on the healthy track. (You never know when The Biggest Loser‘s Jillian Michaels will pop by the office!)

With limited cooking skills and even less sense of portion control, I turned to The Fresh Diet, a gourmet delivery company that drops off three meals and two snacks daily to your house. The only cleanup I had to do was of the ice packs in the cooler. Easy and delish!

It’s something Kate Hudson’s character, Liv, should have done before trying to squeeze into a wedding dress in the new comedy, Bride Wars, which opens today.

Saturday Night Live
regular Casey Wilson co-penned the script.

“My writing partner June Raphael and I had never written anything, so we got a pitch together and took it to Kate and she, God bless her, gave us a chance, and the job,” Casey tells me.

Getting to know Kate was even better. “It’s all true. She is that adorable and smart and fun, and she’s got a great sense of humor,” Casey gushes. “I was just surprised I got to hang around with her.”

Casey will be back at work tomorrow night when Saturday Night Live kicks off its first live show of the year, with host Neil Patrick Harris and musical guest Taylor Swift.

Casey’s already parodied Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Aniston on the long-running skit series, but she wants to expand her A-list imitation roster.

“It would be fun to do Kirstie Alley and Gwyneth Paltrow, which I think is a pretty intense mix of  intense waspiness.

“I have girl crushes, and my odd-ball way of showing it is by portraying them, though that’s probably last thing they would want,” Casey chuckles.

Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

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