While at the Friar’s Club roast of Pat Cooper OK! caught up with some of the finest voices in comedy. First up OK! talked to Michael McKean who told us about putting on those Spinal Tap costumes again. “We played Live Earth. It was the biggest crowd I’d ever been in front of. IT was fun. My wifa sang back up with me. I think we hjad 19 bass players for Big Bottom and it sounded really good. All four guys from Metallica…We had pretty much all of Live Earth playing with us!”


Also there was professional roaster Jeff Ross who revealed his secret to keeping friends, “I’m always bi costal. People are happy to see me when I’m not around all the time.”


Finally comic legend Pat Cooper gave some advice for the other comics there to roast him. “If you really like your craft and business, this is fun. If you’re worried about how well you’re going to do or how bad you’re going to do you’re going to blow it,” he added, “If you don’t think the laughs are coming there’s nothing to be ashamed to say thank you. Don’t do like some entertainers and kill the roast. We’re not all perfect. I know when to get off, right now!”

Looks like the jokes on us!

By Jocelyn Vena


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