Just because the boys of Menudo are heartthrobs to millions of girls around the globe, they still get crushes.

When I catch up with the latest reality-show incarnation of the Latin boy band in the On 3 gift lounge backstage at NYC’s Madison Square Garden, they reveal what celebs make their hearts beat faster.

“I felt like crying when I found out Jessica Alba’s pregnant,” Carlos Olivero, 18, confesses. “She’s not married – yet. Anything could happen.”

Chris Moy, 15, calls Miley Cyrus a “cutie,” and Jose “Monti” Montanez, 18, tells me he loves Nelly Furtado.

“I’m in love with Britney,” Jose Bordonada Collazo, 15, says. “Whatever happens, Britney’s always going to be number one for me.”

The dark horse is Emmanuel Velez Pagan, 17, who stresses that they’re all single and looking.

They were so polite – they called me ma’am. (Yikes!)

Look out for their new album this spring.

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