Our Celebrity Apprentice celeb blogger Claudia Jordan explains why her head was on the chopping block this week.

“For the fourth project I decided to step up and volunteer to be Project Manager.

It seemed like no one else was anxious to step up for such a daunting project, which surprised me.

As bossy as a few of my teammates were, I was actually shocked that they weren’t dying to be boss.

But I suppose some would rather boss from the back seat than to actually step up, take the wheel and drive.

We had a huge challenge to promote and launch the ACN videophone. I had never heard of it but was informed they did a half billion dollars in business in a year. In a recession. Sweet!

We were struggling at first to come up with direction for this project.

I was sort of amazed by my team that on all the other tasks they seemed to be so eager to step up, take initiative and do things without being told.

But soon as I was PM I felt that they needed to be micro-managed in every aspect of the challenge. And if they weren’t, they would criticize me.

Joan Rivers was absent for yet another task. I was amazed that it was okay for her not to be with her team again!

I had a gig that I had to just lose on a weekend because I didn’t want to leave the city on my day off, and she was off and about several times during our taping!

But I really like Joan. I knew she was a professional and would be able to step up when I needed her. Still would have been nice to have her in the brain storming sessions.

Joan was stuck in Texas with no late night flights, and Natalie Gulbis took some initiative to arrange for that private jet that brought Joan back in time.

I worked hard as I possibly could, and I got to tell you, after our run thru, it wasn’t looking good. Our show was a mess. I saw the doubt in everyone’s eyes.

But I am never good in rehearsal, so I wasn’t as worried. I knew we were going to be fine. By show time everything went off without a hitch.

I really thought we had won and all of a sudden all my doubtful teammates were friendly to me again, wow!  I was nervous but I thought we had pulled it off.

In the boardroom, we were informed that the ladies had lost our first challenge. I saw how quickly people change and will say and do just about anything to not jeopardize themselves.

A few times I heard some of my team speaking negatively about Tionne from TLC. And I quickly defended her. I thought for sure when I needed her, she would come to my defense.

Or my girl Brande Roderick or Natalie… Anyone? Nothing! This was the most hurtful part of the show, to watch them one by one not want to stand up to Melissa Rivers because they knew they would have the wrath of Joan as well.

In the end, I asked Khloe Kardashian and Melissa back into the boardroom. Khloe was stressed because she had a plane to catch to get back to court for her infamous DUI.  I didn’t know that before I asked her back.

I think she took it extra personally, and in the lobby the very fake Melissa was consoling Khloe, which was hilarious since that was the most I saw them talk the entire time.

It was clear I was out numbered and I prepared for those two words: “You’re fired!”

In the end I was sent packing. It didn’t hurt being fired by Trump, but it did hurt being disappointed by women I thought cared a little bit more.

Trump told me if one person had spoken up for me, I would have not been fired. But since it was unanimous…he couldn’t justify not firing me.

At the end of the day, Trump has integrity and for that he has my respect.

Boy, I can’t wait to come back for the finale in May!”


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