We’ve all wondered why no matter how much we try to follow the tips we read in magazines, we can never look quite like the celebs do when photographed in magazines. Any air brushing to reduce the appearance of blemishes aside – I’ve learned it takes a village. In an effort to help me live like a celeb, Michelle Steinberg, one of the most accommodating publicists in the business, made me an appointment to get my makeup done at posh boutique Guerlain before the party in Vegas. Except for the odd TV appearance, I don’t think I’ve had my makeup really done since, well, prom. I was excited. It took about 40 minutes during which I wasn’t allowed to sneak peaks in the mirror. When the work was complete, I hardly recognized myself. I felt horrible, because my makeup artist Gabrielle was amazing and sweet, but I’d felt like I’d put on warpaint for Halloween and Gabrielle graciously took off more than half the makeup he so precisely applied. The result, a perfect compromise. He did my friend Angela Jones makeup as well and I must say the result was beautiful. Thank you Gabrielle, and I apologize. Getting my makeup done sounded very glam, but the end of the day, I guess I’m Simplyjen, rather than CelebglamazonJen for a reason 😉

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