A new ad from The Nation of Marriage making the rounds on YouTube, called "Gathering Storm," features somber, scared-looking people warning others that a storm that is somehow linked to gay marriage is on its way, threatening everyone else.


"The clouds are dark, and the winds are strong," says one person standing in front of a stormy landscape, joined by another adding, "And I am afraid."


"I am a Massachusetts parent helplessly watching public schools teach my son that gay marriage is okay," adds another person.


"My freedom will be taken away," says another, as the ad apparently tries to link the idea that giving rights to one group of people will obviously make others unable to live their lives as they usually do or ban straight marriage outright.


Now celebs like Sophia Bush, Sarah Chalke, Lance Bass, Jason Lewis, Alicia Silverstone and George Takei are fighting back with humor, in their FunnyOrDie.com parody on the ad, called "The Gaythering Storm."


Watch for yourself below:





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