I admit it; I’ve been blocking out the TV writers’ strike since it began Monday morning. I just can’t image a life without fresh, new episodes of my favorites shows. But with news of Fox canceling 24’s January 13 season premiere, ABC postponing Cashmere Mafia’s November 27 launch date and late night talk shows suddenly in rerun, I have no choice but to deal. Luckily, the stars that deliver those witty lines on a nightly basis accept reality faster than I do.

“We are shut down. We will go back to work when they figure it out,” declared Desperate Housewives’ James Denton from the red carpet of the CMA Awards in Nashville on Wednesday night. James expressed concern for the guys who make their living working on the big shows, but don’t reap the big paychecks. “It is worse for our crews and the caterers – all the people that aren’t lucky to make the kind of money we make,” he admitted. “We are really fortunate. I hope it is over fast for their sake and our own, but those guys really get hurt.”

It’s not just the “scripted” series that are getting hit. This really could be the night the music died, according to The Singing Bee host Joey Fatone, whose lyrically challenging game show is also in limbo. “It’s affected,” he revealed at Bank of America’s Round Up Relay to benefit Toys For Tots in New York City. “[NBC] has got The Biggest Loser out there for a two-hour special for now. Hopefully once that goes through we’re going to be airing some more… right now we’re not going to be shooting until further notice.”

Despite my ultimate fear of my DVR having 35 empty slots in mere weeks, I’m keeping positive that all parties involved can come to a fair agreement soon. And I’m not the only one. “I hope that they settle it, and I hope that the writers get what they want, because they should be paid,” exclaimed funnyman Robin Williams at a Scleroderma event at Caroline’s in New York City. “They work really hard, and I just hope it doesn’t go so long where it hurts everybody…we have electricians, all the guys, cause you know at a certain point it hurts everybody.”

Including yours truly. After all, this TV Fanatic has got a daily blog to fill!

Reporting by Alisandra Puliti, Jocelyn Vena and Valerie Nome

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