Yesterday marked the one-week anniversary of the Stewart vs Cramer showdown on Comedy Central, which pitted CNBCs Mad Money host Jim Cramer against the Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart. While Cramer might have been trampled on by Stewart in the so-called debate, the feud is far from over and journalists are continuing to speak out about whose side they’re on.

"I just think Stewart is brilliant," Phil Donahue told OK! at the opening of the West Side Story revival Broadway March 19. "Here’s a man who’s got this wonderful comedic talent and all of the sudden he pulls the bow back and fires an arrow with a lot of political weight and zing and Im impressed with the combination. I just don’t think that many people can do that."

Others have yet to decide whom they’re siding with.

"I’m still trying to figure out which is the shark and which is the jet," political pundit and former Daily Show correspondent Mo Rocco tells OK!, while adding that Cramer is certainly not the underdog. "He’s tough. I mean have you ever seen his show? Cramer’s tough. And I dont think (the debate) was nasty. It was hearty."

On one side, CNBC’s Cramer has bow-tie fashionista Tucker Carlson and NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker publicly bashing Stewart. On the other side is Viacom CEO Philippe Daumann and most of the media who noted that after being repeatedly mocked by Stewart for faulty journalism on his show, Cramer failed to put up any fight when he finally faced his nemesis.


Everyone seems to agree that the comedic debate is good.

"People are frustrated," Rocca says. "And I think Jon has a great talent for channeling what a lot of people at home are feeling and are unable to articulate in public."

Let the debate continue!


By Laura Lane

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