At a Toys for Tots event in New York City, Chace Crawford displayed some real diva behavior. According to sources the whole day was like pulling teeth from the young star. First off, he arrived at the Times Square Toys’R’Us and waited in his car for 20 minutes until all the media he didn’t approve of was asked to leave. He then walked in and didn’t give Maggie Moo the Cow a kiss and barely smiled for pictures. Someone was overheard saying, "Good luck with his career!"


He made a quick get away but was disturbed to find out his car wasn’t there to take him to the next location, where he would be bringing toys to sick children. After some arm pulling Chace agreed to go to the next spot and bring the kids their toys.


You’d think getting paid $25,000 would be enough for the guy to play along for a few hours.



By Jocelyn Vena 

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